Why choose us? Apart from being assured of outstandingly beautiful results, there are many other reasons why you should consider choosing us. For example, we are focused on providing environmentally responsible buildings as well as high performance structures, including Green Oak and Douglas Fir timber frame carpentry. Our costs are highly competitive and we make use of local materials and resources wherever possible. And we are able to provide a completely professional structural carpentry service from start to finish, working together with architects, engineers and other specialists.

We are environmentally conscious: We are committed to providing environmentally responsible buildings and products for our clients. All decisions made in the construction process of your timber frame are heavily influenced by sustainability criteria. We consider energy and insulation issues, any environmental implications of related industries and we choose recyclable materials.

High performance: In the detailing and engineering of all our timber frame structures, we bring a high level of quality visually and technically. We incorporate modern building systems together with age old joinery techniques, creating spaces that fuse elegance and beauty with high performance efficiency.

Cost effective: Our clients often tell us that when comparing like for like we offer the most competitive pricing in timber frame and oak frame design and construction.

Locally sourced: We value our local environment and this means we support our local economy, investing in materials, resources and people from within our area around Drewsteignton in Devon wherever possible. We have good working relationships with all the local saw mills, architects, engineers, contractors, historic builders and environmental consultants.

Professional service: Working closely with engineers, architects and various timber frame industry specialists, our team provides imaginative and uniquely detailed structures.

Sustainability: The environmental building movement is becoming increasingly mainstream in the UK with schemes such as the Government’s code for sustainable homes. Green products are becoming easier to come by and there is more and more transparency in the chain of production from manufacture to retail. So it is easier than ever to

achieve your own sustainable house or Eco home.

We always strive to minimise the miles materials are transported, so as to cut down on fuel emissions.

In fact, the raw materials for our timber frame buildings can be sourced as little as two miles from our workshop.

And we always consider energy and insulation at the heart of any timber frame building project. With Emmanuel Hendry, you can be sure your living environment is a sustainable one.

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