At EmanuelHendry, we have a vision for the future which is firmly rooted in our values.

EmanuelHendry - Our Mission

Wooden Architecture to enhance the built environment

Our Vision

We aim to be at the forefront of wooden architecture in the UK, leading the way through innovation and sheer craftsmanship

Our Values

Our Values are Innovation; Creativity; Customer Focus and Sustainability

Design and Build

Our services embrace every step of the process: from concept, through design, manufacture and to end construction.

Through our knowledge, experience and expertise, we promote understanding of the choice of timber to be used in construction, so that our customers achieve the best possible results.

Creativity and Innovation

In partnership with our customers and other stakeholders as well as in collaboration with professional partners, we strive to deliver creative and innovative product and process solutions to meet well-defined needs. Our communication is always clear, open and well-managed, so that we have full understanding of our customers’ needs and our customers have complete clarity about our thinking and plans.

We bring creativity and innovation to bear on the processes and technologies used to deliver our projects, in order to maximise value and benefit for all our stakeholders –our customers, our employees, our professional partners – as well as generate maximum value for the Company and the environment.


Outward facing: through a clearly defined policy, we will achieve sustainable growth of our business through choosing to take on work that is in line with our Mission; seek out new opportunities and new markets that meet that criteria; and educate our marketplace that we are the Company of choice for high quality, distinctive wooden architecture.

Inward facing: we continue to put emphasis on working smarter, not harder. To deliver our quality of service and excellence of product in the most effective and efficient ways we can, constantly striving to learn how to do things better.

Inspired and committed workforce

We achieve all of the above through developing and leading a staff sharing in, and equipped to be committed to, our Mission, Vision and Values.

In balancing the needs of the Company and the needs of our staff, we aim to inspire our team to be the best they can be, to create a fulfilling working environment, not only to be proud of what they individually bring but also proud to be a part of EmanuelHendry Limited.

Environmentally conscious

In using the raw material that we do, we are inherently conscious of our impact, and the impact of our products, on the environment.

We have a policy that not only continues to understand and embrace sustainability in our use of resources but also, in line with our Mission, ensures we consider the wider environmental impact of our buildings.

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