With many years national and international experience, our skill sets and expertise allow us to undertake just about any timber frame construction or structural carpentry project of any style or scale.

Picture of Jasper

Jasper Emanuel - Director

After studying Ecological Agriculture, Jasper completed an NVQ apprenticeship in Site Carpentry at Exeter College. He then spent seven years undertaking the building of various timber buildings and structures around the UK. At the same time, he worked for his father's architetcure practice and developed his talents in surveying and drawing.

When EmanuelHendry was formed in 2008, Jasper became a director and used his skills and experience to specilaise in product design and innovation. His creations blend the best of modern design with the beauty of traditional timber structures.

In May 2017, Jasper took sole directorship of EmanuelHendry, with exciting plans to grow the business from strength to strength. With his experienced team, Jasper continues to grow our reputation for outstanding quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

Jasper is a competitive sportsman, and has been crowned the fastest man in the area after winning the Two Hills Race in Chagford.

Direct Contact: jasper@emanuelhendry.co.uk


Permanent Crew The carpenters on the workshop floor are our most valuable assets.

With each job the team grows together in knowledge and experience.

Picture of John

John Lawrence - Carpenter

After studying Ceramic Design at St Martin's, John co-founded the construction company 'Character Builders', specialising in traditional lime plastering and cob building and contributing to the growth of this award winning business.

In 2006, John brought his considerable talent and expertise over to EmanuelHendry. In his time with the company, John has worked on an impressive range of projects in the UK and overseas. He has become one of the most experienced and skilful construction carpenters in the country.

In his free time, John is passionate about music and fishing.

Picture of Hugh

Hugh Arnold - Carpenter

With an honours degree in Geophysical Sciences from Lancaster University, Hugh took an intensive woodwork course, followed by qualifications in forestry and tree surgery.

His passion for trees and the sustainable use of wood brings a unique insight and edge to the structural carpentry work he does for EmanuelHendry. For over 10 years he has been a full-time carpenter and timber framer and he brings great flair and attention to detail to every project he undertakes.

In his free time, Hugh is a keen rock climber, martial artist and musician.

Picture of James

James Perkins - Carpenter

Graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2011 with an honours degree in Building Surveying and the Environment, James initially worked as a project manager on medium to large scale renewable energy contracts before moving over to EmanuelHendry in 2014

Outside of work James enjoys canoeing and climbing, alongside spending time with his young family.

Corrie Warburton - Designer and CAD Technician

With a first class honours degree in Film Arts from Plymouth College of Art and over ten years work as a CAD technician, Corrie's many transferable skills have given him continuous employment in both the film and the building industries. Since 2015, he has been a full-time CAD technician at EmanuelHendry, developing many exciting projects from concept through to construction.

As well as being passionate about film, Corrie has a keen interest in wildlife photography.

Jed Dixon - Joiner

Jed brings his extensive joinery experience to the team. After completing an NVQ apprenticeship in Bench Joinery, Jed has worked on various joinery projects around the South West. Jed's interests include hockey, where he has represented England and now regularly plays club hockey for Exeter.

Nicolas Salvaneix - Carpenter, Les Compagnons du Devoir

Nicolas is currently on his 'Tour de France' spending a year with EmanuelHendry before completing his 7 year apprenticeship with Les Compagnons du Devoir. Nicolas' expertise lies in compound roofing geometry where he has learnt the historic skill of 'L'art du Trait de Charpenterie'.

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